New Ars Magica fanzine

Oyez! Oyez!

It is a call for great minds and helpful folks.
As a first step to create a new fanzine, we are calling for people interested in working to create and publish the fanzine.
Already we are a team of two, but we would welcome some more people so that we have a bigger editorial team.
Hopefully this might lighten the individual load and ensure the continuity of the fanzine.
If you are interested in helping, please send me a private mail. We will start discussing and planning in two days!

Those who are interested in writing for the fanzine, start getting your ideas, we will call for you pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to comment or gives us ideas in this thread, as we hope this project will serve the community.

Mark Lawford and I are trying to make something happen with Sub Rosa. We want to put #6 out and continue the 'zine.

I've been working on a couple of books for Ars, which is part of why I've been so quiet on the forums lately, and Mark's a known author for the line. And you may have seen my work all five issues of Sub Rosa (or over at Open Design/Kobold Quarterly or Rite Publishing, if you play Pathfinder or 4E). I'd been volunteering with Alex before he got preoccupied, and so I know a bit about how SR's been handled.

Mark and I have some ideas about taking the 'zine forward, and we're trying to get it sorted with Alex. SR#6 is just shy of ready (I have articles and art in hand.) and we're looking to progress forward from there. When that happens (which should be soon! Days-ish.), we'll need material, so I'd ask you to consider articles and work using the existing Sub Rosa guidelines (although I'm having trouble hitting the page right now). We want to make this work, we want to keep things going, and we want it to thrive for the community.


Great news! I'm looking forward to the new issues.

In the middle of a project and busy at the moment but happy to try and contribute - I received my first call up for writing for the official line due to my work in the early issues of Sub Rosa, so there's a debt of gratitude here that needs to be repayed. It also really helped develop my writing/editing skills.

I'm pretty sure I have some material cut from the first project (yet to be announced officially, although some GT2010 attendees may remember the scoop...)

The other authors will also have some similar off-cuts, outtakes and maybe even bloopers... :stuck_out_tongue:

Likewise, I'm sure there will be material from the current project leftover that should see the light of day somehow... maybe even an unofficial web supplement-style endeavour.

One of the beautiful things about Sub Rosa is that after a set time (9 months IIRC), the rights revert to the author, so anything published in Sub Rosa can (and has) been reused in later official Ars supplements, even if we end up changing it after playtester feedback. The exact details of this are murky to me but in my experience the Atlas heavies (John, Michelle and David) have been pretty easygoing about this as it helps promote the line and develop the author pool etc.

If I can suggest linking to Timothy's blog for cross promotion and to support him as an alumni of both Hermes Portal, Sub Rosa and the line (see his author credits - sheesh!):

This will help expand the Sub Rosa impact, increase the traffic to Timothy's blog and should have some synergistic effect.

He may even be interested on writing regular commentary on future (and/or past articles etc).

Anyone interested in writing for the line would do well to look through his comments for tips on writing for the line in any case.

I certainly found critically examining his work and his feedback/comments very instructive.



So, just to be clear, Teufelted, this is a new mag, not Sub Rosa?

Everyone in this thread seems to be speaking as if it were part of Jarkman's attempt to slap the paddles on the chest of Sub Rosa, but you are doing something new...or not? I'm not clear.

If it is something new - what's it going to do/be like? I might be willing to help out. For me Sub Rosa's easier because it is Australian and it means I can just phone the editors for free and have a bit of a chat. I've never actually done it, but I could if it were necessary, which may help with stuff. Still, I'd like to help any new magazine as well, but you are going to have to give us some more details as to what it will include, if it's going to be regular or not, and so on.

Hah...time for another poll. Sure, I'd do a column.

That's a lovely thing to say. Thanks!

Just a quick reminder that you need formal permission from Atlas to do a fanzine, if you are intending to charge for it. Sub Rosa already has it (although if it's changing management, you do need to check with John that everything's still OK), but a new zine would need to ask.

salutes smartly

Will do. Mark and I are talking tomorrow about what's left for SR#6, and he's on that particular point.


Yes it is something new and different. We are still in the brainstorming part of the project, so I can't say more. As soon as we have a better idea of the project, we will communicate it.