New Bjornaer and Clans

In the Mystery Cults book it says that Bjornaer join the clan of their master. Does that mean though that they have to take one of the Iniation Rites and get the accompanying Virtue and Flaw?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I don't believe, from my reading, that membership requires initiation.

Page 11 tells us that characters join a clan during apprenticeship. This seems to preclude initiationasa requirement for membership.

The clan mysteries text box on the top of page 12 says:

That's not real persuasive. The first "may" seems to be talking about doing both clan and house rather than just one. The statement "available" could mean that they need to choose one from the three options.

I really don't see any statement to the effect that a memeber of the clan needs to initiate in a clan mystery. Absent such a statement, I find no compleling reason believe that it is required.

Making clan initiation manditory would invalidate the already published Bjornaer characters this seems to be contrary to the nature of the rest of the line.

Yeah that's pretty much how I saw it also. They're part of the clan politically speaking, but haven't fully committed yet.

I saw the clan mystery initiation scripts as soemthing akin to the company car for the clans, "It's there for your use if and when you need it but their use is hardly manditory."

I guess if an insufficient number of people undergo the initiations they might be lost, so I imagine intiation is very much encouraged considering the size of the clans (aren't they less than 20 magi each?).