New Books

Descriptions for Apprentices and Grogs are up now. Respective links below!

I think I'll be needing a bigger shelf for my Ars Magica books.

marks the arrival of a new writer or three I notice, congratulations.

Nice! I'm looking forward to Apprentices hugely as I reckon on this offering up some great new play opportunities.

That's the Xmas 2012 preview.

Especially the one on apprentices!!!!

Oh, very cool! Not that I want time to pass quickly, of course, but I will definitely be looking forward to these!


Yay, finally!
Almost can't wait until August

BTW the link in the left hand "New Releases" section on the front page at the bottom says "Projects" but links to the Grogs teaser

Looking forward to the two new books!

As mentioned in the above, rules on how to create stories for appentrices is a welcome addition. In our sagas they mostly act as lab rats or tools to drag their masters into trouble (and thus, stories). Tools for fleshing them out a bit, and running stories around them, might lead to more Player Characters taking apprentices too.

Personally i find grogs the least exciting to create - but they do tend to create the most entertaining stories. I have created and used a system for random generation of grogs (and for adding flavour to improvised NPC's) for quite a while now, in order to be able to make them on the fly. This saves us time fleshing out all the grogs of our Covenant, and tends to make them very different, in an odd and funny way. The most important grogs (do these even exist?) are designed using a bit more care, and with a full set of stats, though...

I'm suprised, but pleased, that they would make an entire book merely for Grogs. I had expected Grogs to share a book with Companion characters and their role in Mythic Europe - or perhaps teaming up with Apprentices. But with all those great Ars authors out there, i guess they just can't stop printing :smiley:

I love the Apprentices, and i see very usefull the other, but i love the First; the synopsis Text is great.

I've been wanting an apprentice book since 2005. I can't wait to see it.

... I can't help but notice your name's on it :wink:

It might that other very talented Erik, Erik Dahl, that you're thinking of in this case.

My involvement with the book goes no further than a single conversation with Mr. Dahl

San Francisco springs to mind...

It was, my bad

Wonder if it will be printed by July for this year's Grand Tribunal America? :slight_smile: It says May, so probably. Woo-hoo!

Would you mind sharing your system? Looks interesting


Oooh and a cover! :smiley: (cover not viewable in all browsers :frowning: )

That's a funny cover...

I just realized that Apprentices will be 80 pages-long, and softcover... :frowning:

Still, three new books for the first half of 2012 is definitely good news...

Now the debate: is that a "natural form" of a magical cat or is the apprentice doing his Muto homework experiments with it? :slight_smile:

And what house does he belong to?

My answers
[spoiler]He is casting a spell right now.
He is a Jerbiton. Merinita would have weirder features (green ears), bjornaer is out of the question, and that is not a weird-enough pattern for a criamon.[/spoiler]