New Covenant in England, need some help :)

Don't tempt me - I'm reeeeeally sure that I can dig out even more characters to inspire you SG Ferretz....

(one of my own player's character - with the flaws Obese and Fury - trying to strangle the young king with his bare hands after the kid had unwillingly had teased the then apprentice. Their covenants princeps saving the day by using mentem magic to change the memory of the Triumvirate and a few guards to forget the incident. She was furious and probably a bit irritated that she hadn't just let the foolish apprentice meet his due punishment. The very young king, albeit in his minority, I decided was immune to the spells - perhaps due to his divine sacred anointment, perhaps due to might bestowed on him as king, but even if the people around him didn't believe his ramblings on a fat older kid trying to strangle him - the king himself surely will. And one of these days his minority will end...)

What is it with you Danes and making my life uncomfy? So I make fun of your "language" a couple of times, but sweet merciful mother of christ! It can't have been that bad?

Just make sure the other people you mention contain vis and I'll be satisfied...

As for strangling baby kings, I think I can manage not to. Possibly. If I really put my mind to it.

Remember, being a father to two young sons, I won't let assaulting young children in my campaign go unpunished. :slight_smile:

I have an idea. I will let my oldest son, William, age 4, decide on how the campaign should play out. Yesss.. I will ask him "Imagine this little dwarf, who is also a wizard in a land far away. He's being really nasty to the children, taking away their toys and their candy. What should happen to him?" :smiling_imp:

Young children have such good imagination!