New flaw: Omega

I created this flaw for a wolf shape shifting Tremere because I couldn't find anything exactly like it but I have been known to miss stuff before so please let me know if there's something similar existing already.

This person will always assume the lowest or least place in the pecking order. He will probably never have a position of authority and if he does, he is ill suited and easily manipulated. He will be last in the order of initiative, whether it be in a battle or at dinner, and he almost always defers to the judgement of a stronger person. He is not necessarily disliked by his peers. In fact, he might be greatly loved but he will still be the butt of their jokes.

In wolf pecking order, the omega's job is to be the initiator of games and fun. If the omega is removed, the pack will not play. They get depressed and stressed out. My Tremere mage also holds this position but I don't think it's a necessary part of the flaw. My mage has a wolf familiar that is the pack alpha. The familiar is level headed and intelligent while the mage is a nut who makes magic Rube Goldberg machines.

I consider this a major flaw. It's probably a personality flaw but then maybe not since it's more about social status and personality would only dictate whether or not the mage would enjoy it or fight it all his life.

What do you think?

You could make it Social or personality, depending on how one chose to play it and it's repercussions.

Not sure if the Games & Fun aspect detracts from what is IMO and otherwise creative and worthwhile Flaw.

I think the "initiator of games" aspect is part of the deal if you're a wolf but doesn't apply to everyone.
The opposite of this, "Alpha" also makes a good virtue but it would be tricker to enforce since everybody wants to be the most important person in the room.

There is a Minor Personality Flaw called Follower in the Bjornaer chapter, which covers many of these issues. I would hesitate to make Follower a Major Virtue personally, for the reasons mentioned above; it tends to discourage people from getting involved with stories.

I would note that this is not an accurate depiction of wolf social behaviour. The wolf occupying the lowest position in the pack initiates games because it is a social defence from getting itself seriously injured for its impertinance. Furthermore, if the lowest ranking individual is removed, the next lowest becomes the lowest.


I studied wolves for some movie I worked on that never got made but I am by no means an authority.

I'll look up that flaw. Thanks. Is that in the core book?

In HoH: MC p38.

I like this flaw a lot. However I do would not consider it a major flaw. The reason being is jokes or not this could be well played to a person's advantage. Dependable followers are often valued and protected by leaders, and so this flaw could result in both opportunities and rewards for the player. In other words in addition to it's dissadvantages it has real advantages as well.