New Handout

OK, here is the downtime activity sheet, for all your seasonal activity and XP needs.

Downtime Sheet

and the GM screen was moved to a new (hopefully better) download service.

GM Screen

Hope you find it usefull.

Well I'm more than impressed.

It looks professional.

I was reading it carefully, but by the time I got to Combat my head started to hurt. I don't have my books at work, and I'm not as familiar with Ars 5 combat as I should be. It looks great.

The one mistake I found is right at the top:

Cerimonal Casting Bonus:

Cerimonial is spelled Ceremonial.


Ya, I'm not the worlds greatest editor. But, I will fix the mistakes as they are reported.

There is, so far as Merriam-Webster or I know, no English word spelled 'cerimonial.' 'Ceremonial,' however, is a word of English, one that appears in the rules to ArM5 and is the word wanted in this context.

Isn't that what I said :question:

Oh, I get it. I thought that you were telling him that the actual word, 'cerimonial,' was accidentally and wrongly in his document spelled 'ceremonial.' Sorry!

Now that were on the same page, lets have a cerimony to celebrate.


"Ceremonial" is now fixed.

Let the celibration commence: now that we have completed our ceribration, we can begin the inibriation.

And we will all be celibrints... celibites... cennebites... something..

No celebration is complete without libations.

You guys are going to make my head explode. :stuck_out_tongue:


and here I was thinking it was ixplode...

Hey, Fruny's become a grand master!! Woo Hoo!! cel-libations are in order or certain. I was never comfortable being the Grandmaster. It's much more cool to be one of the Grandmasters.

All So-lute the Grandmasters!! Congrats Fruny

Past perfict subjinctive tinse, I thenk.

Yew gi's hiv bin hinging with Abe ti mich!

Mir lik hittn da libitns tu mich (hic)

Hoobah! All hail Grand Master Fruny!