new item(ball of summoning)

ball of summoning
basically this is a small rubber ball that when thrown summons a creature for about a day
spell needed-a creature summoning spell(the enchanter decides)
tell me what you think of it & for future refence the ball dos'nt have to be rubber,but it does need to able to bounce

Why? What is gained by the ball?

CrAn Base 15- create a mammal (or any lesser animal) of size +0 or smaller.
+1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1(?) Complexity to allow user to choose animal as she throws ball.
= Level 35
+X Levels (+number of uses/day)

You're not going to find something (non-magical) that bounces the way rubber does, the technology just isn't there. The ball could be hard leather* strips wrapped around cork. Not quite "bouncy", more like a standard baseball.
(* minor S/M bonus?)

Trigger defined as you please.

the benifit is in case of attack/danger you could throw the ball & the summoned creature could distract the attacker.

come one come all to the summoner's ball

(bats sold separately)

so what sorts of creatures would YOU summon with this ball?


they didn't have them in meadival times.

Mother in laws!!!!

Ars Pokeball!

"I choose you Morrighu, the Screech Hag!"

Of course that would be an Infernal Ars Pokemon...

Oh now you're concerned about what actually existed in medieval times?

the idea that I have I try to match medieval time the best that I can!

Because a small rubber ball that summons things is so very medieval.

So,I don't always know my medeival history very good.