new item(can of spinich?)

despite the name it can be any kind of eatable item with this enchantment(I chose a can of spinich because it is the most resniable item I could think of,think popeye in this era)
can of spinich effects-when eaten you gain +6 or more to striength for one sun
what do you people think of this item(be brutal!)

Charming and amusing. It would be a charged item of course.

I thik that is funny, in the two senses.
I'd like take this for make a question about eatable/drinkable charged items. Must they have Rannge Touch or is personal?


Depends on what you want to do. Touch, if you want to affect the person drinking/eating the drink/food.

If they are range Personal they affect the item (the drink or food).

Thanks for the response, i need know how work that things, because to make charged items like potion or other consumible thigs were pnateated in the core rules but without more detail.

Okay, what I know is 3rd and 4th edition, but why a charged item? Why not a potion equivalent? Cook a barrel load of spinach and put them in cans.... no vis needed!

A potion is a charged item in 5th ed.

When you make a charged item you can split the charges between as many physical items as you like --- each charge could be a potion dose, or an arrow, etc or they could all be stored in a wand, etc.

And with that, ideas for a Verditius chef / vitner / distiller begin to bubble . . . .


any more cooked magic items out there?

what is the result?

along these lines, has anybody ever done any homemade food spells?

any more thoughts of the subject?

Connected item? Candy/beets of speed!
This item makes the eater go double speed for 1/2 sun!

We had a Verditius brewer in the works at one time. Sadly the saga collapsed before he was introduced.