new item for moderation

stone of vilent barphing burps
this item when introduce into the enemies food/drink will make them violenttly barf & burp for about 2 days or so
please tell me what you think of this item.

Problem: "2 days or so" is not a duration.

Also, why? What real use does this spell have other than to just be mean spirited and gross? Hell, you can slip a common poison into someone's food without magic.

How old are you, Abe? I'm just curious...

I would allow an non-standard spell perameter but make it one magnitude higher then the closest peramter so 2/3 days is closest to Sun, but would need +3 mangitudes (equal to moon) then +2.

Sometimes you need to humiliate or incapacitate without killing. This would be a great spell for that. For example if a spell incapacitates a lord form signing a death warrent for 2 days, this gives you 2 days to prove your innocence/frame someone else.

Acturally this is an ITEM that looks like a losange/alcaselzer that you slip into the persons food.

This is a pretty specific charged item, but I doubt that it would be too difficult for a specialist to make.

Good for someone who has a lot of dealings in mundane political intrigue.