new item(jar of tar)

this item is a ever full jar filled to the brim with tar
useful for making boats & probibly making buildings roofs as well.
tell me what you think of this item & weather it would work as a lab item or not.

The item is smelly and disgusting. But usefiul if you plan to do anything with the tar. Or the jar.

If your lab activities can find this useful, yes it will be useful. If your lab activities go in an other direction, it is probably a smelly piece of crap you would want to dispose of.



The idea of creating magical items for ordinary, everyday sorts of applications is all very well and good. But at least as far as 5th Edition is concerned, this one doesn't work. First off, if you want to create something permanently you need to use vis, and you can't do that unless the spell is a ritual. Invested devices cannot replicate the effects of ritual spells. So you can have a jar that conjures tar, but the tar will vanish at sunrise or sunset and will therefore be pretty much useless for roofs or boats.

true,but it could work for the short term/use.

I hyadn't noticed it was supposed to be a MAGICAL item.

Yes, it can work. But Aurelius is 100% right on the long term effects of the thing.



Just note, abe, that medieval construction was not done with tar but with mortar. Perhaps you should make a mortar jar or better yet, a mortar trough (pronounced "troff" for our non-mother tongue English speakers).

That is, if you want the contents to be used for building purposes.