new item(maybe)

item name-instant tunnel
spell used create tunnel
requisite-mutoterram 15(herbum)
effect you can make a tunnel threw a boulder/mountain/thick tree with this spell
range-touch(+1,I think)
duration(permanant/ritual,+5 maybe,not sure)
target-rock/tree(+1,again not sure)
tell what you think of this item,witch dose what you think it does,witch is creates a tunnel for use by magi/grogs in a jurney.

Try again with Perdo.

sorry,yes that makes more sense.
anyway,what do you think of the item as a concept?

It would fit in a game like D&D, where it would be considered a useful too.. In Ars Magica, it's a major siege weapon. Woe to you if it falls into the hands of an ambitious noble: no castle wall would be safe.

As I said before, try the design again with Perdo, and double-check your Range/Duration/Target with those specified in the book.

Using Muto might be sensible - that would allow the effect to be non-permanent.

Abe why don't you make it more interesting by making this an enchanted item. Perhaps a shovel or a pick. Then one person can carry this handy effect around and a dozen more can fight to get their hands on it.

While your spell construction needs work I... actually like this one Abe. :unamused:

this WAS meant as a magic item!
the spell was a afterthought.

Isn't better Rego? With Perdo you degrade the rock and the tunnell may collapse...

Yes, I was hoping the tunnel would collapse on the creator of the spell solving a variety of problems. :smiling_imp:

Digging the tunnel does make the rock 'worse' (and thus may be out of bounds of Rego, otherwise, I could 'craft' a hole in your head with ReCo), but the tunnel itself doesn't have to be of poor quality. A finesse roll may be needed, but that's about it.

Plus Perdo conveniently gets rid of the excavated rock. :smiley:

But I WANT it to collapse on the owner!!! :wink:

It does have the disadvantage of making a permanent tunnel - not something you want if you're making an escape route...

thaks for the input.(I wasn't sure about the duration that's why I said maybe)
any ideas what a better duration would be?

Duration? Depends on what you want - if you want a permanent tunnel, make a PeTe spell, with instant (momentary) duration. If you seek to use it as a means of escape, MuTe with duration special (sun), lasting until you get through the tunnel.

yes,sun makes more sense.