new item(mirror)

mirror of spell reversal
effect-you reverse any spell you can reflect in the mirror
tell me what you think of this item(peach)

I thin that a knowning Vim and owning a lab will get you far.

A bit too D&D'ish for me - even if it might fit ME too.

It is tasty and fresh. Well worth it during summer.



I saw the term peach on just so you fine people know, thats why I put it there(don't completly remember what the acranym stands for though :blush: )

Two words of advice
Don't use terms you don't know the meaning of (especially ones that are known to be used in a vulgar connotation).

Don't mistake this forum for the "wizards"..!:evil:

As for (Peach) I did you the favour of checking the reference in various online dictionaries - "Please Examine And Comment(Critique) Honestly" is a term used on the wizards of the coast/D&D forum.

Is this like my redirection spell which I put on the spell list?

The one that I created months ago, and posted here for comments?

Abe, do you read any topics other than your own?

yes,I just don't coment of them very often,thats all.