new item(rollor skates)

I'm sure they must have had SOMETHING similiar to this in medeival times
rollor skates!
these double your movement rate on level ground,triple it on downhill movements
tell me what you think of this item!

Hmmm... maybe something that looks like tiny wagons, and you "load" your feet into them? With "reins" that wrap around your ankles. I could see a Verdi' coming up with something like this, but I'm not sure that, Hermetically, they'd be the best approach.

There'd be a big S/M bonus, "wagon: +7(?) move loads", but I'm not sure a different spell/item wouldn't work better.

First recorded roller skates were post 1700. (Ice skates much, MUCH earlier, perhaps even pre-history.)

Without ball or needle roller bearings, nor smooth, flat, hard surfaces to roll on such as tiles or carefully fitted stone, "roller skates" would be quite useless. So, no, they wouldn't have them in medieval times.

You should probably work on a bicycle first.

I said simialar!
but the point was made anyway
what would be the s&m bonus be for ice skates anyway?

+5 to move quickly over ice?
+3 to fall on one's butt?
+1 to injure an ankle?

Incidentally, roller bearings are ancient. The romans used them on ships and, if I recall correctly, they were even in use by celtic tribes on their carts a few centuries before the christian era.

Wow! I was going to question this, but got off my lazy virtual butt long enough to Google it (which did not require getting off my actual butt, fortunately)...
CART II - Between 300 and 100 B.C., the Celtics used a cart similar to this. It used metal axles and hubs but also used a full set of cylinder shaped rollers made of wood. True Anti-Friction design. The cart was easy to pull, however, it had a low weight capacity due to the rollers being wood
(As a side note, I had no idea that professional basketball was that old either.) 8)