new item(straw of breathing)

Straw of breathing allows the user to breath in a poisonous atmosphere or underwater if it is held in the users mouth during the whole of the experience.

This isn't D&D, we don't have magic item "slots". Why not a ring if you want to share, or one of your teeth, if you don't?

Your teeth are IN your mouth silly! & it only works for one person at a time.

Yes, a ring if you want to pass it around, a false tooth if you want to keep it personal. For poison gas attacks, you don't want to be fumbling around for your "straw", "Now where did I put that? (Ak, thud)".

Well you breath threw the straw to use the magic of it,that's why you put it in your mouth.

Yes, but you don't keep it in your mouth, like you would a ring (always on hand) or tooth (always in mouth). The only point to a straw would be a really good F/E bonus, and there isn't one for "straw", so why make a small, easy to lose "hail mary" magic item?

maybe if it were made big enough that it can't be lost easily

Yes, but why? What does a straw do that a ring doesn't?

It's based upon the item of the same name found in dragon magazine.

Yes, but D&D has "Item slots". This is The Art of Magic, and we are not so encumbered. Make it a ring. You can have ten, you know, and they aren't limited to one effect.

It technically doesn't have any "item slots"at all,just so you know.

I do not recall "Item Slots" from AD&D. Was that a later development from 3rd or 4th? I remember the 2 rings rule though.

What's wrong with the straw? It is aesthetically pleasing, and would likely have a F&E bonus pertaining to breathing underwater.

Abe, keep the ideas coming, don't let anyone discourage you.

thank you marko!

Item slots have always been in D&D. Two rings, one hat, one armor, one shield, etc. Ars Magica doesn't have those kind of restrictions. I'm not trying to discourage Abe, it's just that this is a "hail mary" kind of item. The time you need it, you really need it, but the rest of the time it's in the way. A perfect ring item, to my mind, because I have had those "And where have you be keeping this?" moments......


Poisonous gas is a preventive measure? Man, I so want to sit in on one of your games....

no, not the gas the straw!
You carry it with you so that you can set up a underwater sanctum if you want!
this is in addition to the effect for it I put earlier

If this device produces air, or cleans air, or transforms something into air, then that's a good reason for you to put in your mouth (or nose). I guess you could put a ring in your mouth, but a straw might taste better, and with a ring you might be more likely to swallow it (which could end up giving you gas!) Maybe if the ring is small enough, you could fit it in your nostril, but then wouldn't you need 2? (EDIT - Unless you took the flaw "missing nostril")

If the device changes your body so you could breathe something besides air and be okay, or to just make your lungs produce air, then you wouldn't need it in your mouth, so yeah in that case I would agree with a ring. It might be more durable and more compact. You also have lots of fingers to wear it on, if you care about slots.

Think the kind of straw that ancient egyptians used to drink beer without disrupting the foaming yeast at the top of the brewing beer.(you know the yucky foam)for this kind of device.

you want an agate necklace

For the Agate material bonus +3 air
and the necklace +4 effect breathing and speech.
and +4 protect self (jewelry)

The straw could take a low level effect and be easily enchanted to help breath, but the necklace has enough form and material bonus to do everything you want.