new item?

this item is my attempt to make a meadival version of a match
basically you have a set of mini-torches in a box that when struck against the box they come in flare into life(non-literally of course)and last as long as a candle of there size.
tell me what you think of this item,please!(I saw the original item in "eccentric concraptions")

Not worth it as a single-use item. Trivial to make as a lesser enchanted device, though it would more likely be an enchanted piece of flint than a matchbox. Enchanting a box to create candles with Moon duration (they'll be used up before the spell ends) has been discussed previously. (Or was it in Covenants?)

Most magi would just cast a non-fatiguing, spontaneous Creo Ignem spell to light up whatever it is they need lit: candle, tinder, etc.

I'm sure after a few twilights, some Flambeau sneeze fire. Yeah, include this one on the ultimate waste of a mage's time?

I was thinking this would be a alchemetical item. :blush:

What do you mean?

So something like a stick dipped in resin then coated with blackpowder (originated ~1AD in china) and small chips of flint. When struck against a hard rough surface the flint sparks, igniting the powder and setting the resin/stick to burning.

I'd give it as good chance of working as not....well maybe a bit more to the not side

by alcemetical item I meant that it wasn't totally magical in nature.