New "KA-CHINK" effects

I am sure everyone is familiar with the "KA-CHINK" effect, described
in the rules: When a player, whoms character uses a shotgun,
says "KA-CHINK", makes the appropreate gesture and offers a
shot in the current sequence, the damage of the next fired shot
is increased by one.
I think this is a pretty funny idea, because it enhances the cinematic
feel. Thus I thought we could make up a few more effects of that
type. Here is something I gonna make a houserule of:

"Ripping your shirt apart"
We've seen it alot in (really bad) action movies. When involved
in melee, heroes or villains tend to take a short moment, to
rip apart their t-shirt and show their muscles, while making a
menacing grimace. After that they seem to be even more
dangerous than before.

Idea: When a character, who wears a shirt (or something comparable)
and uses martial arts, offers a shot and rips his shirt apart,
he gains a +2 bouns on his martial arts damage for his next
attack and a +2 bouns on intimidation checks until the end of the
fight. The player has to make appropreate gestures to mimic this
Of course a character can't do this again until he got a new shirt
(thus I don't think +2 is overpowered).

What do you think ?
Has anybody more ideas like that ?

I don't think it's over powered as it's a one time bonus. With Ka-Chink, I make the players do it 'live action'. I have to say, I'll give my players a two point bonus to keep their shirts on, so I hope none of them get to excited about this idea.

Mimic? Mimic?! Make him actually rend his garment! :smiley:

Gratuitous gunning of car and morotcycle engines comes to mind (via appropriate sound effects from the player, and perhaps a dramaic shifting motion with the wrist), for bonuses to handling/speed/general rolls to drive and perhaps intimidate when behind the wheel.

When a player rips his shirt for real, I'd give him +5, because he's taking
gaming serious :wink: .

I like that driving action. Any more ideas ?

[color=darkblue]This may seem like an obvious one, but I'm prone to giving a +1 to martial arts attack or defense AVs if the player mimics an appropriate stance or attack technique. It must be adequately cheesy, and against a Named opponent.

For example: a PC's sitting at a table in a bar drinking, when an armed underling of the Main Bad Guy kicks in the door, rushes to the table with an Uzi out, and starts to spray lead. The player shouts, "Drunken Bar Stool Defense!" and goes totally limp, slides off the chair at the gaming table, and onto the floor with an audible thump.

That'd be worth an Active Dodge bonus to me, if it made me smile.

Emergency vehicles should get a +1 pep when you turn the siren on.

Using a weapon to cut someone's hair off (or shirt, or belt buckle) should require an attack roll to get a +2 Intimidation bonus. If you fail the attack roll, you just look like a pillock.

There's also the "Thermonuclear Bullet" concept.

You know, when the hero is shooting at a car as it drives away (or is coming toward him), and he empties the clip, but the last bullet causes the car to explode.


And if a female does this?

Automatic success, I should think.

Beyond just general fratboy titillation, there's a long action movie/anime tradition of "bare skin = better armor". Maybe a female character removing/ripping clothing = +1 Dodge Value per item/rip?

Yes, but I'm afraid that I'm a bit late. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can sense a rule in the KA-CHINK rule that states "if you prolong your attack with one shot, you do 1 extra in damage". When I describe the KA-CHINK rule to my players I also give these examples:

× Changing ammo clip in slow-mo. (and naturally it takes longer to do that)
× Standing in a vicious pose. (Charlie's Angels, anyone?)
× Putting on your sun glasses. (Blade)
× Putting more led in the air. (using full auto or fanning)
× Slooowly pointing the muzzle(?) towards the target.
× The wind is playing with your coat/hair.
× Pulling a one-liner. ("This ain't no ham on rye, pal.")