New Mystery - Animal Clans

Hi guys,
I dug out my old notes to look into some things, and I found a lot of unfinished/untested minor mysteries that I was playing with. Here is one of them, it was actually planned for Bjournaer, but anyone could theoretically do it.


Animal Clans

This mystery is a way for a Bjornaer to become close with a family of animals the same type as their Heartbeast. This is not a binding or slave type relationship – it is more family oriented – the magas becomes the head of the group. There are mystical bonds between the group and the magus, a joining of magic, flesh and blood. After the ceremony the magus is classed as one of the family (affected by bloodline magics), acquires a new name, and assumes their position as the head of the family. The family gain from the bond too, each member of the immediate family gains the minor general virtue Rapid Convalescence and the ability to understand the magus no-matter which form he is in, or language he is speaking. The family members are still animals, they still use cunning instead of intelligence.

What is in it for the magus

Some magi of other houses have a mundane families, like these, Bjornaer magi who take a mundane animal family are trying to continue their line. They are trying to make sure that future generations of Bjornaer will have an ancestral spirit to call on. Their close relationship with this animal family helps them to keep watch over an area of wilderness. The family will warn them about intruding humans and (possibly) help them to negotiate with other natural residents in the area. The family is also a source of love, stability and support.

Family initiations

There are several initiations which the family members can undergo – these allow different family members to take on different roles in the family. These mirror the words that Birna gave to her family: Protect, Teach, Strive, Remember, Nourish


These are the warriors of the family, it is their self-imposed duty to watch over the other members and care for them. Whenever there is trouble with other animals, intruders into the territory, or human attackers, these guards will become involved with such violence and fury as to make anyone think twice about returning. Three mystery initiations, which give “Tough” and “Berserk”, “Puissant Brawl”.


These are the members of the family who educate the young, they teach them the ways of the local area, how to hunt and survive. They also teach them about the history of the family and what previous generations accomplished. Two mystery initiations, which give “unaffected by the gift” and “good teacher”


These are the scouts who look for new territory and help when travelling long-distance. They are used to being on their own for a long period of time. They are used to travelling through hostile territory and exploring unknown regions. Two mystery initiations, which give “Strong Willed” and “Self-Confident”


These are the “diplomats” of the family. They handle negotiations with other types of animals, they also understand some human speech and can forge agreements with humans. They are always looking at ways to safeguard the family and its territory. Two mystery initiations, which give Puissant Language () and Animal Ken


These are the main food-gatherers of the family. It is their job to find the best food sources and lead the family back there. If the family hunts, one of these will lead the hunt. Two mystery initiations, which give “Ways of the (land)” and Puissant Hunt/Survival


I'd love to hear more about ideas for this Mystery, and what it's Initiations are, for the Magus.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got back then.

Hey, Leon Bullock do you mind if i continue this mystery of Bjornaer?

Sure, feel free to take it whichever direction fits your scenario.


Thanks for info