New Player looking for an ArM5 game.

As stated, I am a new player, having owned the book for quite some time, and having read it enough to feel I have a firm enough grasp on the rules to try my hand in a game. Unfortunately, few people I know RP, and those I do are too busy to get to a game, so I feel i will have to try PbP. If any SG has the patience to handle a new player who will probably have a lot of questions, I would be more than eager to play. I am online pretty much every day, as I go to school online, and already have an example character made which i was using to help understand the rules. I only need House and Name, and he will be done.
I thank anyone who is willing for their time.


Maybe you will find what you want in the "Fire in the North" saga; it's here on this forum. The SG is Eclecticon and if you wanna join, you'd mp him.