New saga story hook: Evil twin

Hello All,

I'm starting up a new saga, and introducing all new players to Ars. I myself have just returned to the game after a 9 year hiatus. So I'm new to 5th ed as well.

Anyhow for one of my story ideas I'm looking for feedback/suggestions;

A Bjornaer is recently killed in a wizard march. His death is what inspires the his Iberian covenant to begin recruiting new Magi. The leader of his covenant suspects something fishy about the death of his friend. Story line is unknown to all, but the Bjornaer has an identical twin also with the gift, born in Russia, they were separated at birth, mother died in childbirth. The wizard march killed the wrong Mage. Obviously this story line needs a lot of flushing out, ideas?

How easy would it be for a Magus to fake a new identity & sigil and relocate since this is what the magi who killed him think happened?

How much trouble might the magi who killed the Bjornaer be in for once their mistake is exposed? Could reparations be asked for?

Is the living twin now in the clear? Is the wizard march over?

Outside of different heartbeasts how might the mistake be proven?

Thanks in advance
Bill Filios

Everything that follows is saga dependent to some extent, in that you can make the Order function how you like in your saga. Some choices are a bit more common than others.

Entirely saga dependent. The technical aspects are easy if his Arts are appropriate, so it depends on how good and centralised you want record keeping to be. If you'd like this to happen, I'd suggest "not very".

They killed a magus who was under the protection of the Code. They could all be Marched. "Honest mistake" might count as a defence, but they'd be defending themselves in front of magi who don't want to be marched by mistake... Reparations are definitely possible.

No. He's still been convicted, and hasn't been punished.

Peering into the Mortal Mind would do it. In general, quite a lot of InMe and InCo spells would strongly hint that he isn't who he says. Of course, people need a reason to cast them.

I'd say that, as long as no-one realises there has been a mistake, the living twin is likely to be OK. As soon as that comes out, he's in serious trouble. In ArM5 terms, give him the Dark Secret Story Flaw.