new skill

skill name-knowledge(trivia) :bulb:
basically you know a LOT of almost useless facts(this ties in with the spell I invented)
tell me what you think of this skill,please!

I would like to see a skill that improves the spelling of a particular player I know.

New Flaw :
[color=darkblue]Abe Tuurasbane :wink:

Why isn't it a virtue?
New Virtue:
Abe Tuurasbane

Everybody has an increased level of patience towards you.
Most people consider you completely harmless and quiet amusing.
And no matter what you don't understand someone called Tuura is always there to help you.

Hail Eris!

Probably a major personality flaw...

It's kind of amazing what people will say about someone else when that person is miles away and can't club them in the head...

Abe: It is a valid skill, but do you really want to put a lot of points into a completely useless ability, just to cast ONE spell????

In addition to being my last name, Tuura is actually Finnish for Icepick! So watch out! :wink:


so I don't spell to good,so what,I get the point across don't I?
also this was suppost to be a hobby skill,just so you know.
they probibly didn't have a lot of free time so trivia was probibly a way to kill time while working.

You also post quite a lot of stupid things. 8)


Tätä sivua ei enää päivitetä. :smiling_imp: