New spell:beard shield

Beard shield:effect-your beard becomes as strong as steel!
Target must have a beard of course to be effective.
The beard temporarily becomes silver in color (purely a special effect)
Any thoughts?

It works.
What would it do?

If you have a classic super long beard +1 soak as armour?
If you had AM in a modern setting would it trip metal detectors?
Could you use it like steel wool and get a +2 on cleaning checks?
Use it to sharrpen a blade, similar to a whetstone.
Grab the beard together the right way and you could use it as a portable knife.
Again, with a long enough beard, roast marshmallows over a fire. (may require a perdo ignem req to make it as fireproof as steel).

The applications are near endless.

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Target should be Part, I believe.

Arts: MuCo(Te)?

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@abe445us : Your spell needs Target: Part just as @RafaelB mentioned that. Range should be Personal. Problem is that you need a Base lvl 25 to change the human body into some inanimate thing (like metal) or give Soak +5 to it.
So your spell ends up like this:
Base 25 +0 Personal, +2 Sun, +1 Part - Spell level 40 : Change any part of the human body - or the whole body itself - as resistant as steel.


I altered the spell as per the people’s suggestions.

Any similar spells out there?