New Spell: Command the Attentive Servant

I have just generated a Mentem specialist with both the Quiet Magic and Subtle Magic virtues, and I want to make it easier for him to use his Range: Eye spells. The idea of this new spell is that it causes the target to look at the caster and thereby (usually) make eye contact. I assume that this will work even if the target is engaged in combat.

Command the Attentive Servant
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
Causes the target of the spell to look at the caster - turning around or looking up, if necessary. The target will make eye contact with the caster unless there is some specific reason why she should not do so.
(Base 3, +3 Sight)

I could have made it R; Voice, and in many ways that would make more sense ("You there!"), but I want to combine it with voiceless and gestureless casting. Base 4 seems too high because the effect is not as great as, for example, Call To Slumber - and The Shrouded Glen is Base 3.

Does this work?

There is a canon spell to do this in MoH. I'm far from my books to be more specific than that right now.


I can't see your Arts there. I assume the spell is CrMe, but I don't see a note to that effect.

This spell already exists, in multiple versions:
Look at Me CrMe 15, A&A p. 32 (Also known as Catching the Eye in MoH p. 92)
Fooling the Eye CrIm 10, HoH: S p. 68

For a Mentem specialist, I cn very much recommend Deft Form (Mentem). Much cheaper than Quiet Magic x2 + Subtle Magic.
Only works on 1 Art ofcourse, but it's extremely nice.

Thanks for the replies.

I forgot to list the Arts, what an idiot! It is intended to be ReMe.

I am grateful for the advice about the other spells, and about the virtue - I will have a look at those.

What the others said.

Also remember that Quiet Magic/Subtle Magic cna also be gained from Spell Masteries. Granted, it requires Mastery 3 in all those spells and is not very cost-efficient.

However I mention it because the Deft Mentem method is not only cheaper in Virtues, it also limits the magus to a single Form. And for pusposes of balance etc. this may very well be the purpose.
The Spell Mastery thing is going even further where the magus is a specialist in a limited numbe of spells. If you happen to have Flawless Magic Mastery 3 is not beyond reaching.

Sorry to resurrect an old(er) thread, but I was wondering how to achieve the same sort of effect with a ReCo spell. Here's what I had:

Capturing the Stray Glance ReCo 15
Sight/Diam/Ind - (Base 3 - control small-scale motions; +3 Sight, +1 Diam)
Causes the target to lock eyes with the caster for the duration, allowing Eye-range spells to be cast without penalty

The guidelines don't specify a level for controlling small-scale motions - they go from lvl 2 (lose control of a body part) to lvl 4 (control large-scale physical movements).

Any thoughts on using lvl 3 as a base for controlling small-level movement?

From my understanding, controlling large-scale physical movements is easier than controlling fine-scale motions like the direction someone's eyes are pointing to -- the latter is Base 10, "Control a target's motions".

Hmm. I see your point. This spell is quickly getting into the "overkill" category:

Plus, if you're trying to be subtle (which was the original intent), the extra penalty for subtle gestures/voice gets rather prohibitive. I guess if you built it into an enchanted item, it might be worthwhile, but I don't see it being terribly useful as a formulaic.

Thanks for the input!

:slight_smile:, V