new spell(groin punch)

groin punch effect-you cause a SHARP pain to the groin(obviossly it can only be done on a person of the male persuasion)causing the person to fall to the ground & effect a falseto voice for sun duration & suffer 1 stress die damage(subdual) for the same amount of time
tell me what you think of this spell & what variants of this you would probiblly use(there is probibly going to be at leat one)

You are mixing game systems again. But in any case, the spell would be effective against women too. They do not like getting hit there. For a man, ascrie a -5 pain penalty, for women a -2. It lasts for a diameter, and would be a straight Perdo Corpus effect to cause bodily pain.

Only a few minor problems obvious to anyone who has actually read any rules set of Ars Magica

  1. Its Perdo Corpus to cause pain
  2. It is clearly not Level 30, for level 30 rego corpus I would for
    Defnestration of doom ReCo 30
    Range Voice Duration Instantaneous Target individual
    Teleports the target 500 paces straight up. Often this causes the target to die.
  3. Why do you think anyone in the known world could not think of such a blindingly obvious effect and probably actually design it according to the rules?

ok how about this
effect-the same as the original post.
also,in the ars amgica books that I HAVE read there was no rules either way about a punch to the groin.

Because there doesn't need to be one. Decide on the effect you want in game mechanics terms and design the spell accordingly. Whether it is a punch to the groin, a knock on the head or a momentary strangulation does not matter one bit. It is only window-dressing to help describe things and make the game more interesting than just "take +0 non-lethal damage" (HINT! HINT! HINT!, that should help you find the appropriate level for the spell).