new spell(icy stare)

icy stare effect-you turn a person into a ice statue(temprarally) with a mean look
variants of this spell could turn people into other types of statues!
tell me what you think of this offering.

First off, this spell would not have a Terram req. but an Aquam. In 5th ed it's clearly stated, that Aquam covers water in all natural forms (ice as well as steam)enough - it should fall under this Form.

Second, the base level guidelines state a lvl 25 for changing a person into a solid, inanimate object. So this is for Per/Mom/Ind. So unless you'd want to briefly become ice yourself, it needs further boosts.
Calling it "Icy Stare" suggeste Range: Eye, +1 mag.
Duration needs to be at least Diameter, for just a short change (+1 mag) but preferably Sun (+2 mags).
Target is ok with individual, unless you'd like to change giant-sized humanoids, or entire groups of people.

Final spell
MuCo(Aq)40 Eye/Sun/Ind
(Design notes: Base 25, +1 Range, +2 Duration)

I don't have 5th ed.!
So I went with 4th ed.

Ok then, maybe you should write in the thread that you ask for 4th ed guidelines.

According to the 4th ed MuCO guidelines from the core book, a level 40 MuCo (Touch/Sun/Individual) is needed to change a person into a solid inanimate object. Range: Touch equals Eye, so keeping it as a gaze activated spell, keeps it at same level. Since 4th was a bit weak on the definitions of ice, among others, it's up for debate whether it's Terram or Aquam you need. Back in my 4th ed days, we House Ruled that water in any form was Aquam, just like they did in 5th.

And whaddya know, it's a level 40 spell, just as the 5th ed guidelines. At least some things don't change.

ok then.
Any story ideas that could come from the use of this spell?