new spell(mend the book of man)

mend the book of man requsites-mutoherbam(auquam)25
effect-you make any ONE book mint condition again
tell me what you think of this spell & what items this spell MIGHT be put into.

We've seen it before, and "books."

Abe, do you realize how much trouble you may get into with the quesatores? I'm sure that making a book out of Human Flesh would get you marched, or at least a lot of scrutiny.

But for Dressing the books of Animals however, some spells have already been put up on this forum. If you read anything but your own threads you would have realized that there are already 2 versions of this spell. One for minor damage and one for major damage. (Post by Ed C, 3rd down)


I don't think the Order would have any trouble with books bound in human skin, though individual magi may very well do. Of course, if you start inviting mundanes in your library...

Bound in human skin, human bones for a clasp and for the front and back plates. Human parchement and human blood for ink....

All in all, a good resonant corpus tome.

...if not a TAD creepy. 8)