New Spell - Munkeys cloud

For those fans of the TV series monkey.

Cloud Chariot.
Cr(Mu, Re)Au25
This spell summons a white fluffy cloud at the casters feet about 12 feet across. Although fluffy looking it is quite capable of taking the weight of several people. At the casts command it can take to the sky and fly along at great speeds, transporting the caster great distances and affording a really nice view of the landscape.
(Base 2, +1 rego, +1 touch, +1 conc, +4 unnatural)

One of my players wants this spell and these are the guidelines i've come up with.

Base is 2 is summon a cloud, i figure the muto req will make it solid enough to take peoples weight.

Feedback would be much appreciated.

It's a spell that summons a cloud and makes the cloud solid and makes the cloud move. My preference would be to use three separate spells. One spell should do one thing.

You need to use the highest base level, that is Muto Auram base 10 "transform an amount of air into something wholly unnatural".

Here's what I'd do

Wings of the soaring wind is level 30 (p 142) if you want to create other fly spells I advise you to make them at least level 30 as well (perhaps with modifications for being unnatural). Your cloud chariot at level 25 is (pretty much) in all ways better than wings of the soaring wind so it causes a setting disconnect (unless you want to modify your setting, which is a fine choice).

I've never seen the TV show

Wings of the Sauring Wind is on Page 126 in my copy.

Do you mean Dragon Ball? At least this is how a manga depicting exactly that cloud you described is called around here....



Is it a shameful thing to admit that DBZ had a profound effect on my early era Ars Magica gaming? LOL, Goku of Flambeau!

No??? Excellent! :laughing:

Not Goku, Monkey, he of the chinese god fame. Ace, but ancient TV series.

Anyway, How about 2 spells. One to summon a hardened cloud and one to move it.

Surely if one is creating a cloud, one could add reqs and muto to make the summon cloud unnatural, such that it might support human weight.

I think a spell sould be able to do multiple things if it has the proper requisites and magnitude. However, I rhink Goku's cloud and the one Monkey used were elemental spirits of some kind, so just a Rego spell to summon the spirit should do (assuming it is helpful, otherwise you need a second spell o control it).

Just random ideas :slight_smile:

Well, unless I'm wrong, you're refering to the Monkey figure from "Journey to the West", or based on it, no?
Because goku is based on him :wink: So, it's one and the same

Ooh you're right! DBZ is based on the Monkey Gribble is talking about.. I didn't know that! :slight_smile:

Monkeys tv show theme song describes him as "the funkiest monkey that ever popped".. reason enough in itself to base an Ars character on him :slight_smile:

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