New spell: One With the Steed

I have been looking to make a spell to ease fast long distance travel, but also to eliminate most risks from riding a broom (or staff). This is what I ended up with. Do you see any problems? All kinds of feedback are welcome.

One With the Steed
ReCo 25 (10, Per, Sun +2, Ind, different mounts +1)
A mounted the magus may cast this spell to adjust his body to follow the mount. The spell will not end if you dismount, but it will have no effect until you are mounted again. For the duration of the spell you apply no load to your mount, and there is no need to roll ride or similar skill checks unless you try something extraordinary. In any case, you roll two less botch dices. Fatigue from traveling is halved and you are immune to all kinds of motion related sickness while riding the mount. Add a requirement depending on what you mount: An for an animal or He for a cart, boat or broom.
“Even tho Michael had problems climbing to mount his horse, when he first sat in the saddle, they were as one.”

Maybe one Intellego requisite? And the Forma requisites like casting requisites, not on the Formula. But very cool.

Don’t know about additional requirements.

Changed the wording a little and specified that you must be mounted while casting the spell. Maybe that makes the effect with the current requirements more plausible.

That too of course. I meant that casting requisites are not noted while you are inventing on the lab, but yes when you are casting it. Intellego is good with spells that comune and related with abilities. The mounted note ok too.

My only issue is the lack of a connection to the mount. I mean, it is designed to follow/conform to an animal so maybe R: Touch? Although the level is fairly high so that may be more than enough.