New spell: Soles of a Thousand Leagues

Hi everyone

I'm designing a Terram specialist magus, who dislikes most other Forms and would like to associate himself with Terram spells and Terram objects only - as far as possible anyway. He's a bit of a freakshow when it comes to this, but it has its advantages when Teleporting and Shapechanging, where saves a requisite or two. Also, he would like to be in contact with the ground at all times, so he walks rather than rides when possible - and loathes sailing. Also, he doesn't wear boots unless he really has to. Thus the following spell:

Soles of a Thousand Leagues
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Part
[tab][/tab]The Magus touches a part of his body, of which the surface skin turns unnaturaly hard over the course of a few seconds. The outer skin is hardened in much the same way as callus, making the skin resistant to cuts, pressure, friction, heat, cold etc. but not enough to provide any real protection againt weapons.
[tab][/tab]The spell has its name for its original purpose; allowing the inventer to travel barefooted through the countryside without hurting his feet. He later realized the spell had other uses, as he on one occasion applied the spell to his hands for a particularly nasty grappling duel with a demon of sin.
[tab][/tab](Base 2 - minor ability, +2 Sun, +1 Part, requisite free)

I expected the spell to have the same level as Eyes of the Cat, but my original design was level 10, and not 5 as with EotC. I realized that for some reason EofC doesn't use Target: Part. I this an error? Anyway, I decided to go for Part with my spell, and dropped Range to Personal instead to stay at level 5. Is this spell okay?

Eyes of the Cat is Individual and not Part because the whole "gains the eyes of a cat" thing is just flavor-text...the Baseline actually gives the target a minor ability.

But the spell looks good to me...the soles of the caster's feet become hard as rock (might even make a clopping sound as he walks) so that he's more or less immune to the wear-and-tear of everyday use, but not enough to increase his Soak

It looks very sound. In fact you probably don't need the Te requisite at all, but I understand that it suits the Magi's flavour, so nice touch. I'd be inclined to have a significant cosmetic change mentioned in the spell description, to illustrate the Te aspect of the spell too. Get as much flavour as you can.

Don't forget the soak bonus for stone & metal weapons.

I had a Terram specialist, i had a vision for him to move about on a stone palanquin. Think Segway. He had high finesse and could move the stone about easily.

Thanks for the quick replies guys.
For regular callus MuCo would be enough, but as you correctly pointed out - I'd like it to match the character. Also I'd imagine it to be somewhat thicker and stronger than just regular callus, which is where the requisite is required.
Thanks for pointing out the missing discription about the visible changes everyone - I'll add something about the cosmetics to the discription. As Peregrine pointed out the discription should mention 'hard as rock' to make the requisite more understandable. And adding a 'clonk' sound when moving on another hard surface is a good idea (it also makes the spell very bad for stealth, which is a nice touch).
@Jonathan: He already has a spell like that, but he prefers to stay on the ground whenever possible... If he has to somehow go up, he usually climbs... But if all else fails, he is going to hover on a 'slice of earth' at least :slight_smile: