New spell: The naked knight ReCo20

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Transports the target up 5 ft into the air. No requisites are used so ideally the naked knight lands on tp of his helmet. Bad for morale!


Cool :smiley:
50 paces would broke his moral forever.

I'd say 50 paces would break far more than the knight's morale or moral :smiley:

I just cannot stop imagining the monthy python crew saying "naughty knight! naughty knight!" and throwing him up around 5 paces over and over again. :mrgreen:


This just got me thinking: a PeTe spell to disintegrate his weapon and armor.

That one's a classic, but attracts perhaps too much attention (if your OoH is supposed to be unknown).

I personally like the spell from MoH that turns the armor temporarily into glass - or even good ol' Obliration of the Metallic Barrier from the core book :smiling_imp:

EDIT: really bad spell-y corrected :blush:

Target Part. You can't see the knight through his armour, so it's a part.


I like the idea of taking out the knight of his armor :slight_smile:

Serfs Parma here but I think that there is some restriction when using Rego to create or in this case teleport something outside its natural environment. One might want to add one magnitude when teleporting in the air.

Spell works just fine by stating that the knight ends up holing the hand of his armor :slight_smile:


My old Magus Tenebrous from the Brunnaburgh saga had a spell called Tenebrous' Brief Touch of the Heavens. It teleported the target 500 paces directly up. After that gravity, no matter how little understood at the time, is a harsh mistress. With an excellent finesse roll he once managed to impale a particularly rude bishop on his own cathedrals spire.

Ah, good days.

Another variation he designed but sadly never had a chance to use was to teleport someone to a place he had an arcane connection to. He spent a few days exploring off the coast until he found a small rocky island, out of sight of land. Took an arcane connection with the idea of using it as a very cruel prison, sort of a wall-less oubliette.

But isn't teleporting someone out of their armor obviously magical as well? I like your spell idea as well. I really like how Muto effects were clarified in 5th Edition.

Check out the spell It's Raining Men from the Aurulentus chapter in Magi of Hermes, that does something similar :slight_smile: