New Verditius Confraternity for Gold/Silver smiths

Hi everyone,
My current magus is a Verditius goldsmith, his parens was also a goldsmith. I wasn't particularly attracted to any of the contraternities listed in HoH:MC, so I decided to make my own.

Confraternity of the Founder
Everyone knows that Verditius had some powerful enchanted rings. Their fame spread throughout the order itself, not just the house. This confraternity was founded by one of his apprentices to follow in his footsteps. The confraternity is based around magical jewelery: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and crowns. The confraternity is not just about making powerful items, but beautiful ones as well.

The confraternity of the founder makes all types of magical jewelery from precious materials. Each member is a master of a jewelery related craft. They produce powerful magic items which use Elder Runes or Reforging to squeeze more power than expected into them. These items are sold to hermetic magi or extremely wealthy mundanes.

Initiation Mystery
The confraternity members have developed an Ordeal to impart the Minor Hermetic Virtue Minor Magical Focus (rings/earrings/necklaces). This is the same ordeal, except that the season the magus spends making jewelery determines where their focus will lie.

Mystery Path
Initiates learn the Outer Mystery, Minor Magical Focus (object), Elder Runes, Reforging, Bind Magical Creatures, Bind Curse

I was thinking of using the Bind Curse to affect thieves and people investigating the item. If they are not the proper owner, the curse afflicts them.

What do you think about this?

The idea is nice
If I understand correctly, the minor magical focus must be rings, earrings or necklaces... I feel it a little bit to few... I mean, you have minor magical focus swords (thus, all kind of swords, single swords, great swords, knives) so, I think that the minor magical focus should be 'jewelry' that would be use for rings, earring, necklaces, but also brooch, bracelets, feet bracelets... anything in gold or silver that would make a person beautiful...

I don't like to much bind magical creatures or bind curse, but it is your choice...

I have a character who would love to join.

That said, I'm not a huge fan of magical foci based on rings/earrings/necklaces ... or swords for that matter. Why not? Because we're not certain what they do.
Do they only boost magic that affect said type of object (as an ordinary magical focus would)? If so, 'Swords' is fairly limited and 'ring's is very narrow. Even Jewelry is probably too narrow.
Or do they affect every magical effect you invest into an item of said type? In which case it instantly becomes silly-overpowered, and would have affected essentially every magical effect the character mentioned above has ever made, with a single exception that I can think off.
I didn't like it in the HoH: MC, I'm not a huge fan here either.

But then, I'm generally not a huge fan of the Magical Focus virtues, in their current form.

I should also point out that Bind Curse is a lot less awesome than it looks, in my experience. YSMV.

Hi guys,
I chose those 2 major virtues because Automata and Attuned items don't really apply.
By using Elder Runes, these items of jewelery can be made with insane amounts of space in them. Using Bind Magical Creature lets you fill that space even if you are in a vis poor area.

Bind Curse is an extra, and it is just for the security aspects. An item can only be safely wielded by people of a certain house, lineage, covenant, or even descended from a single magus. Stopping people from stealing the secrets used in making the jewelery seems like something a good Verditius would do. Especially given how many mysteries are used to create them.

In my saga, we ruled that a Magical Focus (object) means that your focus applies when you enchant effects into that object. Given the examples in the books, this seems a reasonable interpretation. Otherwise MMF (swords) doesn't make any sense at all. I can see arguments for and against expanding the MMF(Rings) to other types of jewelery. I didn't want to try and make things too overpowered. But then again, MMF(Clothing), seems reasonable but covers many things....

Attuned Items certainly do, though I agree jewelry-makers can easily make do without it.

Yes yes, cherry-picking the best ones :wink:

Most of the effects can be accomplished with standard PeCo. Perhaps not as well, but with much less effort.

IMO, this interpretation is silly in how over-powered it is, but I accept that it may well be how it is intended to work.

Honestly, throwing Curses in there was just an idea. It isn't something I am that firm on.

Rethinking things, I can see a reason for Item Attunement, as it lets you pack more space into a simple ring instead of having to add multiple gems and open it all as a compound device.

Why not?
If you interpret Minor Magical Focus: swords as a focus on any magic affecting swords, it can still cover a fair amount of ground compared to other examples of minor focus, such as lightning, or birds of prey. Magic entirely within the focus can:
a) Animate swords to fight for you (this includes defending you).
b) Summon a sword to your hand, or store it safely "elsewhere".
c) Ward you against the swords of your opponents, or turn them to rust.
d) Make a sword supernaturally sharp, or its touch poisonous (this is a low-level effect, but the focus helps penetrate MR).
f) Scry on a sword and its surroundings from afar.
e) Investigate Excalibur.
f) turn a sword into a tower, or a snake.

Assuming that a focus applies to any magic generated by something covered by that focus would mean that a wizard could take a minor focus in "himself" that covers all the magic he casts. I think it's against both the letter and the spirit of the rules.

Good Point. This wasn't something that I had paid much attention to in the past. Bit of a mental blindspot.

We looked at it briefly, then said that focii worked on everything in the item, then never looked at it again.

I will have to chat to my SG about this. We may end up giving my magus a different focus - it may be jewelery, or something more "practical", or we may just leave everything as it is. It is still food for thought.