new vertue(future mind or precarnet)

future mind or precarnet(you decide witch)+5
benifit-you have the mind of someone who will not be born for several centuries yet,thussly you could have the knowledge of how to build/invent items that will not be avaliable to the general public for several centuries yet!
tell me what you fine people think of this vertue.

Great idea!
How about a "tactical nuclear fist" virtue that raises your hand to hand damage by 1000?

I assume that is the minor virtue version, the major version would have to be "MIRV Fist " whcih hits the target d10 times with +1000 damage

Of course :wink:

The future does not exist. It is a concept of delusion only supported by heretics and the agents of the Great Deciever to sway Mankind from acknowledging the coming of Dies Iræ and to lead it away from seeking daily deliverance from its sinful nature! :smiling_imp: :laughing:

It's mis-sprelled.