new virtue (blessing of the gongfarmer)

blessing of the gongfarmer- basically you are imune to illness of ALL kinds from the common cold to terbucilusus (I think that's the spelling of the illness)
not sure what the point cost should be though NEED HELP PLEASE!
otherwise what do you think of this virtue.


There's Greater Purifying Touch that allows you to cure a single serious disease as chosen. There's Greater Immunity whose hazard could be... all diseases I guess. Of course, none of those would save you from Aging Crisis or other non-diseases.

But that's 14th century, so...

this would probibly be the meadeival equilivent.

There's already a Major Virtue "Immune to Disease" in RoP:I, page 85. Though the version in that book is infernally inspired, I'd personally allow divine, faerie and magical versions IMC.

I have to ask; what exactly is a gongfarmer?

It does just sound like Greater Immunity (straight out of ArM5) with a choice of disease.


gongfarmers cleaned out latrenes or cess pits for the unitiated.

Ah, thank you. Any day you learn something new, etc.

in the early medeaval period the gongfarmer was also believed to be immune to disease as a side benifit

any more thoughts on this virtue?