New virtue idea? Emotion-driven magic

After watching the movie Carrie tonight, I was toying with an idea for a new virtue... We already have virtues that conditionally boost magic by tapping into fatigue or health. But what about strong emotions? Let's say someone just hurt my true love, the love or the anger could boost my casting totals. All kinds of strong emotions might be appropriate: shame, joy, lust, envy, pride, fear, wrath, sadness/loss

I'm interested in any ideas on how the mechanics for that could work and be balanced as a minor/major hermetic virtue...

Myself, I guess I could see the virtue activated when a personality flaw is triggered... Perhaps reach some ease factor on a personality roll? Then add a flat amount to the casting total. Or, add some portion of the personality roll to the total. I'm not sure how to deal with non-personality flaw-related emotions though... even if they don't come often, they may be extremely strong at some point in a character's life.

Given the fickle nature of the human mind, I would not see this applying to lab totals, and probably not rituals/ceremonials. It would seem more appropriate for spontaneous magic, but depending on the magnitude of the bonus and frequency of triggering, formulaes could be included too.
If the magus gives in to raw emotion, additional botch dice might be appropriate as well...

ANy thoughts? Has that ever been explored?

The Cult of Orpheus (a societas within House Ex Miscellanea) uses something similar; they get a bonus if the subject or target of their magic relates to a Story Flaw that they have; with the link being emotion. Thus an Orphic magos with the Enemies Flaw gets a bonus to magic associated with hate and rage. This concept could easily be expanded to cover Personality Flaws.


That sounds exactly like a Special Circumstances bonus to me. You get the bonus when you are experimenting "spikes" in your emotions.

There is also a character (a Merinita IIRC) in one of the books (can't remember wich one) with a minor magical focus in Fear.