New Virtue - Life Linked Ritual Magic

Hi guys,
I dug out my old notes to look into some things, and I found a lot of unfinished/untested minor mysteries that I was playing with. Here is one of them, it was actually planned for Ex-Misc, but anyone could theoretically do it.

Life Linked Ritual Magic

By inflicting wounds on a single person, a magus may cast a ritual spell without vis. Each wound level may only be inflicted once per ritual, and each additional level grants an additional pawn of vis.

Wound Level Vis per wound Total vis per ritual
Light 1 1
Medium 2 3
Heavy 3 6
Incapacitating 4 10
Dead 5 15

There are a few requisites for this process.

  1. the sacrifice must be willing

  2. the sacrifice must spend 15mins per spell magnitude in quiet meditation before the spell starts.

  3. the wounds must be given in ascending severity order by the same person, using the same weapon.

  4. the sacrifice must remain conscious during the whole process and must experience it fully. It is the suffering as much as the blood which fuels the spell.

If the sacrifice survives, they will receive a minor flaw for a heavy wound and a major flaw from an incapacitating wound. They must roll for recovery as normal.

This type of spellcasting fell out of favour during the schism war due to its possible ties to paganism and House Diedne.