new virtue-telepathy

telepathy allows you to read minds,the flaw version wouldn't allow you to turn it off!
any thoughts?

Buffy got this flaw once and she was not amused. You prolly wouldnt want to go near civilization with it.

Thats the kind of thoughts your looking for?

Dirty ones, of course :laughing: (Or how to gain blackmail on a lot of people, now that I think of it)

general thoughts,to help with research,you know

My 2 cents, because I know you all REALLY want to know: I think the idea has merit so long as it's a mystical ability, like a Supernatural Virtue. "Psionic/psychic" powers aren't in the paradigm and should be disallowed.

Then there's the question of what does it "look" like? E.g., there's the sort of jumbled mishmash of thoughts that can be difficult to separate, like Sookie Stackhouse on TrueBlood, or the sudden piercing images one could receive (think Stephen King's "The Dead Zone"). As a SG I'd be OK with it as long as it was a power from one of the supernatural Powers (Divine, Faerie, etc.), and depending on its usefulness and how controllable it was I'd rate it anywhere from +3 to +6.

Well, it certainly can be designed as an InMe (super)Power from RoP:M, even with constant duration

Salvete, Sodales!

As mostly, there are some ways to skin a cat, but as The Fixer said, most would include the Power virtues from ROP:M - or the HOH:S rukes for creating own non-Hermetic magical powers (p.), but these are too vague for my taste, so I'll stick to the former one. And - to avoid accusations:
a) I know who started the thread, but still the topic itself seems sensible, and this is a thing I had considered for my off-line group.
b) Yes, I am afraid the RAW from ROP:M make such things too easy, but this is a balancing issue that every troupe should decide on on it's own.

First, you (the OOC player/SG) construct the effect you want to have as hermetic spell, probably from the InMe guidelines. The "I hear all the thoughts around me" version would probably work best as a Magic Sense spell, so here is the effect:

"Listen to the crowd's ammassed thoughts" (InMe 35, R: Per, D: Conc., T: Hearing)
Base effect 15 (Read a person's surface thoughts), +1 Conc., +3 Hearing)

You enchant yourself, so take the 'Personal Power' Minor Virtue (ROP:M, p. 47) at least twice, perhaps thirce (depends on these factors:

  • Do You want Penetration? If not, the effect's level is not changed, but without Penetration you (as a basically mundane wielder of this power without something like Magic Might) will not be able to use it within a hostile aura like the Dominion, so better to take some points of penetration and add them to the effect level.

  • Do you want this controlled version, which needs your concentration to use it, prevents you from considering to move to a hermitage and probably won't let you hear every chance random thought, as you won't try to keep it on all time? Or do you want to go for the 'Always on' mode? This would mean 10 levels which should be added to the effect.

  • Finally, are you willing to pay for your power via fatigue? Yes - no effect on the level. No - Divide the levels accumulated until now by ten and add five times that result (rounded up) to just this sum. If the sum is 50 or less you need the virtue two times, if it is above, you have to take it thrice.

If you grade things down a bit (e.g. read one person's thoughts with eye-contact for concentration without any penetration and paying a fatigue level each time), you might get away with taking the Minor Virtue 'Minor Power' once.
If you want a more flexible telepath, take 'Focus Power' multiple times. This is a major virtue that gives you spontanous spell like powers in a narrow field.
(Further explanations would need as much space at the solution above, so I recommend a look into the rules.)

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