Newbie question = Aegis and Quaesitors

I GM Ars Magica from time to time, specially the "Promises, promises" , but something bugs me:

Aegis and Quaesitors

I know that a person with a token from the Aegis ritual is not affected by it, but, what about the Quaesitors? how they deal with Aegis in aggressive or non-collaborative covenants?

And is there a 5th edition version or equivalent of "Promises, promises"?

They either steal a token, try to penetrate the Aegis, catch their target outside of the Aegis, or they use nonmagical means to investigate whatever they're investigating.

They have no special ability to get past the Aegis, if that's what you're asking.

Stealing a token seems undoable since having the token is not enough : you must be formaly invited in the aegis by one who attended it.

Mastering the Aegis with Magic Resistance ability and a modest (~5ish) Parma can help in those covenants that aren't helping each other with Wizard's Communion for Penetration purposes.

I think consensus is that your spells are still supressed. Indeed, that the Aegis only needs to penetrate to keep being with a Might score at bay.

I agree, quaesitors have no special ability to penetrate parma or an Aegis of the Hearth. If a covenant is being uncooperative, the quaesitor has to work with that.

I would point out at this juncture that non-magical surveillance and investigation is always possible.

Most Quaesitores have mundane investigation capabilities. Remember that magi, even those under investigation, are still protected from scrying.

To a point (if you mean Code protection). If a Quaesitor is scrying as part of a legitimate Hermetic investigation, they're fairly safe - though you probably want to uncover something beforehand to justify a more in-depth investigation.

The only Order that has search warrants is the Raudskinna Compact - the Order of Hermes' Quaesitores just have to justify their actions post facto.

I remembered it incorrectly as scrying, when it's Intellego Mentem magics which are forbidden for use against magi and their servants (HoH:TL, page 62). However, scrying upon one magus might well lead to scrying upon an innocent magus...

Remember, that sanctity of secrets is one of the most, if not the most, important clauses of the Order, and probably the only reason half the houses agreed to join. If the Quaesitor managed to get the right to scry on you, then you've probably already fucked up something fierce and are a suspected infernalist, or worse, a sahir. These are middle ages, patents haven't been invented yet. If you don't ruthlessly crush everyone who even looks in the direction of your lab, you are going to die alone and with all your research published by the young enterprising tremere.

It's an important clause, but Quaesitores have a qualified immunity against it (HoH:TL 62). So long as they don't blab about any secrets they find or actually mind probe you, they are pretty much in the clear.

(Also, there are plenty of sahirs quite openly in the Order.)