News to shock the socks off?

Now now, Erik. Bats was laid out on a Mac Plus (a machine that was probably the biggest single investment Lion Rampant ever made).

But I actually do have an Apple IIe in a corner of the warehouse, and one of these days will use it to see if I can get copies of all my own ancient working files from the late 80s.

I think there´s a couple of 5.25" SD drives in my closet... Together with the two 286s. All of which works of course. So... I´d need to find my old raw disc copy program, move it over to a 3.5", both my Athlon based systems have functional 3.5 drives so no problem there with them on the LAN with this system, then find a proper emulator or converter and hey presto, done...

No trouble at all...


My first guess was some sort of special 25th Anniversary thingy for Ars Magica, but I messed up the year of its debut... :blush:

Anyway, that "may" leads me to believe this surprise might be something not entirely within Atlas' hands...

puts on deerstalker hat and looks for other clues

Oh...I know. Or at least I think I've worked it out from a post on a gaming list.

And now I'm going to shut up, in case I'm wrong. It's possible that what I saw is the thing that will be coming for your new socks which you buy after losing this set.

Yes: wear loose socks because it will chafe your feet less.

Next year, we should mine this thread for NaGaDeMon ideas.

Make a movie of Ars magica per day?

"Covenant, the series"

Sort of like ... Name of the Rose meets Dallas

Picture Smallville except wizards instead of superheroes and Kingdon of Heaven instead high school

Think .... Hogwarts meets The Sopranos

Having just watched the series, how about Cadfael, but with magi instead of Monks? The "Covenant of Shrewsbury!"

This sounds very much like a 6th edition! I hope not. 5th edition took years to reach a state in which it was sufficiently well supported in terms of supplements to make me switch from 4th -- and the current 5th edition is waaaay better supported (in terms of both quantity and quality of the available material) than 4th was at the time. So, if Ars Magica switches to a new edition now, for me it will be effectively a "dead" line for at least 3 or 4 years, and possibly far longer...

By now I'm mainly worried about something that turns out to be less spectacular than what we're all imagning.
But then, I tend to be an optimist like that.

... no, wait, the word I was looking for wasn't optimist, was it now.

Awww, Tellus, come on. THINK BIG!!! :laughing:
And crazy. Crazy is always cool. :mrgreen:

John has bought Whte Wolf and and so aquired the old IP-rights to Doisstep et al.
The nWoD will be ended and the creative/productive efforts will be re-channeled into Ars Magica.

crazy enough for you?

Indeed :laughing:

It is sixth edition and it will all be released at once. They're going to hire a dozen writers /designers to go through every post in this forum and everywhere else fifth edition has been mentioned, they're going to decide on a whole new slew of mechanics changes to resolve every problem anyone has ever mentioned about fifth edition. Then they're going to re-edit all of the fifth edition books with the revised mechanics and killer organization as a $500 seven volume set (with a pdf version available for $350, $20 if you purchase a hardcover edition as well.)

Automated Ars Magica forums post generator!
No need for us to write them anymore. Just log on and enjoy :mrgreen:

I can't believe no one has yet suggested: Ars Magica, the computer game. There will be an iphone/android turn-based rpg, and an playstation/xbox/computer MMORG.

I'd be happy with an app that just does Certamen. :slight_smile:

See the big news here:

Does this mean, for the first time ever, a Diedne source book?

If the video game funds successfully through Kickstarter -- yes, the budget involves creation of the official Diedne sourcebook for the tabletop RPG, per the rewards for various support levels.