Next book out?

So Ancient Magic seems to be coming in January. But which book is out after that one again? :slight_smile:


Funny - there has been no announcement. 8)

Houses of Hermes: Societates is on the calendar for April. We've sent the formal announcement to distributors, but haven't gotten the info up on the website yet.


I can't think of a more needed book, good job all!

I can't wait to see a write up on the Flambeau, as I have always had a hard time imagining them as anything other than "hee hee hee hee burn burn burn die die drool snort giggle".
I also look forward to ExMisc, woo hoo yay!

Hopefully there are some non Mystery Cult hedge wizard traditions for Ex Miscellanea.

Ahh, this is most welcome :smiley:

hopefully, it will include guidelines for using Ex Miscellanea Extra Hermetic and Supernatural House Virtues and Flaws to set up all kinds of sensible sub-traditions.

I also hope it will include good ideas to develop the philosophies of those houses beyond the respective shallow stereotypes of pyromanic vandal, bleeding-heart artsy mundane sympathizer, aggressive dabbler, and semi-literate glorified hedge magus, without nailing them in a constraining character niche as it has happened with Criamon.

Like to define that constraining niche? Just be a Gorgiastic in House Jerbiton, you hippie! 8)

Naah, if one has to go the apostate way, why keep being an effete artsy bleeding-heart pacifist ?? Let him or her go all the way and fully understand the deep philosophical importance to the well-being of the universe of f£$%ing like rabbits, eating red meat like wolves, and picking fights like boars, by being Gorgiastics in House Flambeau, Ex Misc, Merinita, or Tytalus. Let Strife Rule !! 8)

They saved the best houses for last. This is the book I've been waiting for! Now, where's my tent again?

No kidding. Every time I swear I'm not buying any more RPG books, the new release for Ars Magica draws me back in. This one is definitely the one I most wanted to see.

I'm definitely familiar with the feeling. Every time I say "that's the amount of sheer crunchy coolness that makes out the core material", they churn out some ultra-cool extra stuff that I absolutely have to settle down to digest and use. First HoH:MC, then TMRE, then RoP:I, now AnMag, soon HoH: S, further down RoP:M.... It's a never-ending battle :smiley:

Don't forget Hedge Magic, which I believe is still planned...

I must confess, as I near middle age its getting harder and harder to tell my wife I want more Atlas products.

For Christmas she asked me what I wanted to which I replied,

"The same thing I want EVERY year! More Ars Magica books!"

After about a minute of silence she said,

"How about socks?"

I shrugged and said,

"Socks will do."

The wife no longer contributes to my 'habit'.

Oh, I've totally given up on asking for Christmas RPG stuff. "I'm too hard to buy for," and "I can't find that!" are the most commonly heard things. These days, I just accept the clothes and gift certificates with good grace...and then quickly run off to the game and/or bookstore. :slight_smile:

Yep, but as far as I understand the realities of the planned release schedule, RoP: Faerie, which is also high in my to-buy wish list, will likely come out before it.