Next Metacreator Project

Now that we've completed the preorder challenge project Ars Magica Covenants supplement for Metacreator, we're ready to work on a new Metacreator project. You are invited to vote for the product you would like us to develop first. Please take our survey at The most popular product will then be submitted for a preorder challenge, 50 orders in 30 days. If it fails to make the goal, the second highest voted item will go up for the challenge.

The choices are:

* The Mysteries (Revised) and Mystery Cults: Houses of Hermes for Ars Magica -- proposed price $7.95
* ConspiracyX for Unisystem -- proposed price $4.95
* Rippers and Deadlands Reloaded for Savage Worlds -- proposed price $7.95
* d20 Future -- proposed price $4.95

The survey will close on Monday, Oct. 16.

Best Regards,
Peggy Kvam
Alter Ego Software

Mysteries and Mystery Cults please.

And can I just check, do the rules of the poll allow ambiguous threats of violence to household pets in the event of my choice not being picked? No? Oh. Well, I'll just have to vote twice to make up for it.

So, that's two for Mysteries and Mystery Cults, then.

First of all, thank you for giving the fans a chance to participate in planning the next Metacreator add-on. I voted for the Ars Magica option. :slight_smile:

Are there plans (further down the road) for Metacreator templates for ArM supplements that haven't been discussed yet? RoP: Divine and RoP: Infernal spring to mind (and might go well together in a bundle).

Oops. I did actually just vote twice. I was just looking to see how the numbers were looking this afternoon.

Sorry about that.

As soon as I noticed, I put in my vote for TMRE & HoH:MC, and as soon as the preorder challenge goes up, I'll be in line with my credit cards. Yay !!

If anyone else reads this and then votes, can you pop back and tell us what the numbers are?

do please remember that this thread is NOT the voting forum -- please go vote on

By all means indicate enthusiasm here - after all, we're all fans here - but the real vote is on the MetaCreator pages, where the Ars fans compete with D20 & others...

Yes, I know. I was merely expressing enthusiasm. I have voted over there but you can't see the state of the voting unless you go and vote again, which unfairly skews the results.

It's quite surprising actually, as you mentioned the competition, that the Deadlands supplement was second I think. I'd not heard of it to be honest.

I discovered that if you don't choose any option you don't vote, but do get to the page where it tells you the numbers. Right now, it says:

Total responses received: 80 Percentage Number Response 57.5% 46 The Mysteries (Revised) and Mystery Cults 11.3% 9 ConspiracyX for Unisystem 26.3% 21 Rippers and Deadlands Reloaded for Savage Worlds 5.0% 4 d20 Future

voting update

Percentage Number Response 55.0% 61 The Mysteries (Revised) and Mystery Cults 14.4% 16 ConspiracyX for Unisystem 25.2% 28 Rippers and Deadlands Reloaded for Savage Worlds 5.4% 6 d20 Future -- proposed price $4.95

Well, if all of us who voted do place an order, we should be fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

we were asked to show willing and pre-order MC:Covenants to make it happen, and we did, and it's just officially out (out of beta too);
we can do the same.

Perhaps ArM is particularly well served by meta-creator doing to formula work?

Is there interest in you making a Divine add-on for Metacreator. I know I would pay for that :smiley:

Sooooooooo. Get ready to preorder...