Nexus Covenant

So in Mythic Locations there are two (well three) locations that really speak to me. The first and greatest for me is the Lost Temple of Mercury, the idea of a regio housing an entire Roman town with magical temple is sooo very interesting and intriguing. The second is the Faerie based Devils Street, which I like due to the nature of it being a special regio that can be gotten to from multiple cities in Mythic Europe, that cross connections element is really intriguing to be in all its story and campaign potential. Tbd third is the Bath one, mostly because the enhanced nature of the Bath salts can be quite useful, and every place Roman probably has ruins similar to it.

Now, he is my idea and why I'm sharing it on the forums. The idea is that an archway or back ally point can be found in many cities within areas formerly of the Roman Empire. All these points lead to a single linked regio which takes the form of a grassy field with some standing stones and the ruined remains of a Triumphant Arch. Said Arch when activated leads to the Temple of Mercury town regio. Within that town regio lies two or three other regio, one is in the corner necropolis and leads to a burial realm abd the other leads to a nature space (which contains farm and field abd forest). The third if it exists leads to a regio that could be turned into s school, if such a thing is warranted.

The entire network of regiones are Magic auras of varying strengths. The structures are in various states and conditions of repair. Some material and knowledge can be found easily but a lot of it is hidden.

The idea is that the regio can access and be accessed from all around Mythic Europe giving its holders a eg up in adventure, coordination, and communication. It's also serves as a magical treasure trove, a place of a lit of potential richness but also danger. If settles as a covenant site then it could in some ways be considered a Winter Covenant due to all the ruins and stuff in it.

Some questions could be :

@ If it's settled what tribunal would it be in since its linked in some ways to all.

@ How would it effect order communication and travel since one could bypass months of travel by going to the connected city and then to the regio to travel widely.

@ Signs probably point to the network being artficial, if so how did the priests of the cult of Mercury do it, and can the rituals be replicated.

@ Though the place is abandoned what sort of creatures might live in the ruins. And are they good, bad, neutral, potential friends, or automatic enemies.

@ How was the site found, a saga story of great potential is inherent in this.

And probably others.

Just wanted to share the more fantastic idea with Mythic Europe and see what thoughts and opinions could be gotten from it.

(And potentially this could even be combined with the Shadow War alternate setting, for this provides the Order with an advantage to secure themselves andto marshal forces quicjkyvto battle sites. And even more it could help lead to a breakthrough in hmthe Magi creating their own Realm of Power.)

Hope to hear the thoughts and opinions and suggestions from others on this. :slight_smile:

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