Nickelodeon's "Avatar"

Has anyone watched the animated adventure program "Avatar" on Nickelodeon?

It has some of the most beautiful magical casting gestures I've ever seen in TV, film, or animation. And the story is pretty good, too. It's definately written for a younger audience, and has a little too much goofy humor in it, but I still think it's worth watching as a fan of all things "magical."

In brief summary, there are four nations, each using a different form of elemental magic. The fire nation (of course) are the bad guys, trying to take over the world....

The world is somewhat asian as it's base, and the animators use different forms of martial arts as the basis for the characters' magical gestures.

Anyway, it's a good looking show.

Have a good day,


Avatar: The Last Airbender
This is a great show , and well worth watching. :smiley:
Even if you just use it for character inspiration.