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you seem to have assumed a free level of parma magica which is not supported- the first level costs 5xp, it is not free.
I also have 105 out of 120 levels in spells, and you seem to be (after adding 5 xp for the first level of parma magica) 25 points short of your listed age- it would appear you made a 32 year old and were confused about having to add one more year, but forgot the 5xp for the first level of parma magica

Yeah the parma was a copying over goof from me.

Switched Philosophiae 1 for Parma 1 on my Apprentice Scores.

Added Seal the Earth CrTe 15.

The extra year I wanted to ask if i was capable of Starting with a Familiar, if not I may use that year to add a skill or two due to my goof.

Where would you have been looking- Levant or Normandy?- obviously Normandy would mean binding the familiar much earlier post gauntlet... either will require a check for area lore+magic theory+intelligence to see what you can find. Other question is what sort of familiar do you have in mind?

I'd be looking in the Levant, given her arts I'd be looking for likely a snake of the viper variety.
Something like this guy,


Nili familiar finder


Details:[d10+7 # (4)]

You are able to find and befriend a base might 5 viper in two seasons, though you expect there is a more powerful viper in the area that you missed, or at least a snake if not a viper. It is a black desert cobra with a perdo art association. I'll let you name it then give it its own page accordingly.

Alzalam will be the name

Alright for that last year, im going to spend 20xp, im going to spend 2 seasons looking for our scaly friend, 1 season in the lab to bind Alzalam. Binding total is 30 (max vis spendable is 6 per season)
Bronze Cord: 3 (30)

That should hopefully be everything.

How do you mean spend 20 xp? The seasons searching and in the lab do not produce xp...

Sorry took a strict reading of the advancement and made assumptions, zero xp this year.
Make that 2 seasons to find, 2 season to bind, for a binding total of 35
Silver Cord : 1 (5)
Bronze Cord: 3 (30)

and this character is approved.

Now that I have Acre fleshed out a bit more, would you like to pick a lab (one is claimed)

Nili will take the lab of the Lord magus, thank you

Until you decide to add another virtue (or refine the lab) you will also have the spacious virtue.