non-graphical game versions of Ars Magica

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knows of computer game implementation of Ars Magica? Either online or offline, graphical or text based, I am a long time Ars player that does not have time to play or run a saga, but I've got the hankering to play.

The good people at Black Chicken considered making one, but failed to achieve funding via KS.

I've never played myself, but supposedly some of their other games are pretty Ars Magica-like...

At Academagia you play a 1st year student at a magic academy but it have a complet different setting then Ars Magica thats the other Game Gremlin44 probably mentioned.

Thanks for the info

Academagia would probably be a good choice though not Ars. I have been working on a unofficial fan project -- what will be a free solo computer game for teaching Ars called "the Redcap's Journey" (with Atlas Games permission, and for this forum) - but it is a very amateur Fighting Fantasy style solo adventure using a text adventure interface designed to be played with dice and the PC substituting for the Storyguide. One day I may finish it, if I stop podcasting and writing for ten minutes!

Talking of Black Chicken, they have just announced another non-Ars Kickstarter, which sounds a lot of fun: details here - ... -vengeance

cj x

You could try Tempora Heroica. It is not really Ars Magica but it uses the magic system.