Non-Hermetic Architecture magic

Anyone ever thought of how non-hermetic magic could be used on buildings and architecture?
Some things I have in mind are things like using a Faerie bonding on parts of buildings (like bonding a pillar) and perhaps either binding some sort of enchantment to it or allowing the use of faerie pretense. Obviously this is pretty limiting considering that a secret charm that must not be revealed to others, but I imagine that a few things are possible like enchanting an effect that moves a wall that blocks a secret hallway, or stairs in the front of a church that would grant the person who knows the charm to use the faeries pretense on guile or something. There might be some limitations I'm not thinking of right now with this method, so apologies if I get anyone's hopes up falsely.
I came across this thought when looking at Egypt tribunal book and seeing about the faerie animated statues.
Basically, what are some possible non-hermetic magics that could be tied to architecture?

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The one that springs to mind is Rune Magic, as I'm fairly sure there's a rune that can target buildings/dwellings or the people who inhabit a particular building.

You could do straightforward things like make the building more resistant to damage, or make it immune to natural decay (rust, rotting wood etc.).

You could inscribe a rune script on the house of a healer which grants recovery bonuses to all patients that stay there (at the cost of inflicting a warping point).

You could carve runes on a family home that grants the family long life so long as they live there (but inflicting a warping point every year).

You can grant a building the power to block supernatural effects cast against the building or the inhabitants.

You can ward a building against a variety of mundane and supernatural threats. Combined with the above and you get a kind of off brand psuedo-Aegis.

Of course they all cause warping, even the low level effects, so the things that target the building itself might be more practical than the ones targeting the inhabitants long term.


Virgillian magic is good for this - you can install an immobile animation capable of casting effects that cover the structure they are attached to, and several legendary example's of Virgil's work are given.

In game, I've only used it aggressively - to destroy buildings or to spoil all the grain in a building, muhahaha.

Rune magic - I designed a vitkirNjall who can set fire to buildings by carving Kauno and Ingwaz runes on it. (Ingwaz is the one for affecting an entire dwelling-place)

I had an idea of the Mathematicians of Bologna using their numbers to create effects to cover a structure. I thought of them overcoming the Gift penalties by creating a Sucurro Magicam effect to cover a structure with the power to give everyone within a minor supernatural virtue, and have it be "Unaffected by the Gift" but it would require an extremely min-maxed character to do this. Certainly Learned Magicians can affect Structures.