Non-Hermetic Art Vis

I think it's more complicate than that (first most would see orange) , and those with blue-green color blindness would see both as the same color. Now throw in the idea that some people could see infra red or ultra violet...
As I see it every magus would be able to perceive and identify vis within their tradition. So a hermetic magus sees perdo, a learned magician sees Vulnero. However Fortunam vis may be either not perceived by hermetics (at least as vis, the lucky rabbit's foot that contains it would still be seen) or simply perceived as vim (generic) vis.
However this would clearly be outside of RAW and is either something the SG or troop should decide.

Crossed my feed last night and seemed relevant to this discussion:


Brown is actually a shade of orange. People from cultures that do not use "brown" will easily identify even dark brown as orange, while people from cultures that do use "brown" generally will not perceive any shade called "brown" as orange.

Thought this little tidbit fit the discussion, since Magi might have some Arts of Vis they have a brown for and some that they only have an orange. They would have a more refined view of some types and less of others compared to other magical traditions.

Seems like the question has devolved to whether Hermetic Magi can percive the full "spectrum" of magic, which they split into 15 "colours" of Vis.

Or is there the equivalent of infrared and/or ultraviolet "colours" that other Traditions can see.

Are all wizards "human" who see the same spectrum of visible light but interpret the "colours" differently according to culture/Tradition, or are some insects or mantis shrimp that see different ranges of EM spectrum?

What does Magic Sensitivity say?

And interestingly: Does it say different things for a hermetic magus with Magic sensitivity than for another person with magic sensitivity?

core book "you are able to identify a place or item as magical" nothing in the core description about locating or identifying vis- I believe some of the tribunal books assert such an effect from the ability.

If a magi wanted to know whether there were Vis that's no so easily qualified, I would day to them - Ask a Pralician.

Vis being “solidified magic” in some sense I have a hard time interpreting “you are able to identify a place or item as magical” in a way that can’t detect vis.


I could see it being unable to distinguish such fine details as whether an item has might, is enchanted, or is simply a container for vis- or even potentially not being able to recognize vis because it is "dormant" as opposed to being imbued with an effect.

One could, but why? If it's not game breaking, I think a SG should generally go with the beneficial interpretation when there is one, which would let magic sensitivity identify vis.

It depends on the story and situation. If you want to have forms of vis that can only be detected by certain traditions then it would make sense to have Magic sensitivity unable to detect raw Vis, unless perhaps it has been trained under a certain tradition itself, the way second sight is trained by folk witches.

It would make the other traditions a bit more exotic. It would also give an incentive for magi to study other traditions further to find out how they can extract magic from things Hermetics can't.