Non-Hermetic Powers & Parens' InVi Lab Total


On page 107, under Apprentices, it talks about what is required if an Apprentice has Supernatural Powers, etc...

But this is the only time it mentions "Powers" and not "Abilities.

It further talks about how a Parens' InVi Lab Total must double this value to keep their apprentice from losing their Supernatural non-Hermetic Abilities - but what of Supernatural non-Hermetic Powers? (Or are the terms being used loosely/interchangeably here?)

Specifically (but not limited to), what about Strong Faerie Blood? This is clearly a Supernatural non-Hermetic Power- does this apply to the above rule? If so, then that requires an InVi of 60+ to maintain in a magus - and I'll bet a lot of Merenita Magi are flat out cheats, depending on how their Parens is defined. (But that makes little sense to me.) Most any Parens (Merenita or no) should be able to muster an InVi Lab Total of 20 for (weak) Faerie Blood, but 60 is another matter entirely (tho' NPC's can be drawn to match the need.)

But it's even tougher for Player Character Magi who find potential apprentices with Strong Faerie Blood. Or do many SG's view SFB as only applying to Companions/etc in their Sagas?

There are both Major and Minor Supernatural (non-Hermetic) Abilities (aka "Skills"), and those are clearly listed - but what "Powers" from Virtues does the above quoted sentence refer to, specifically? Or do very, VERY few magi have any of...o Entrancement
o Greater Immunity
o Greater Purifying Touch
o Shapeshifter
o Strong Faerie Blood
o True Faith (yeah, well, maybe this one makes sense)
o Ways of the (Land)
o & maybe some others, dependingSeveral of these are classic Virtues for certain mage character concepts, and a 60+ InVi Lab total is fairly large for all but the exceptional Parens*.

(* +3 Int +7 MagTh +5 Aura +20 In +20 Vi +5 misc... We've all seen better, but that's still a mage who's gotten serious about In & Vi, more than many Parens.)

Comments? (Or am I misreading something?)

By powers it just means supernatural virtues.. .. the only reason it's mentioning abilities is because some of them have linked abilities which you can tie the difficulty too, where obviously normal ones have no such value, thus needing them to be defined as 10 or 30.

As for you asking about supernatural non hermetic powers.. well.. that's a bit of a pointless statement really.. it's just a supernatural power.. you don't get supernatural hermetic stuff, supernatural is pretty much covered as anything that doesn't fit within hermetic standards.. and if the apprentice has a hermetic virtue, it requires no lab totals or such, it's already working fine under hermetic :slight_smile:

As for the faerie blood thing.. .. you're absolutely right.. technically.. there should hardly be any with such things.. .. but PC's seem to have a tendency to break the rules ^^

If we read the description of Strong Faerie Blood on page 49, the last paragraph says "This is a Supernatural Virtue, and you cannot lose it when being trained as a magus (see page 106). If your master cannot preserve the ability, you cannot be trained."

So, yes, it applies to Strong Faerie Blood, and no, almost no magi should have it. PCs tend to be exceptions.

...unless their Parens has the aforementioned ~rather~ large InVi Lab Total. (60+)

Thanks, that's how I read it, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. :wink:


Or perhaps create an ExMisc or Merinita mystery tradition that teaches a way to retain SFB....