non hermetic saga breakthrough

such as for the various traditions?

I'm sorry, what exactly are you asking for?

It sounds like, perhaps, you want to discuss potential Breakthroughs that a non-Hermetic wizard might achieve, but I'm not completely sure. Would you mind expounding a bit?

Aside from that (alternate) Learned Magician working on his own variant of Magic Theory, I don't know of any other in-universe example

learned magicians is of curse the first candidate: mystery alchemy, astrology and craft magic hare tematic mistery for this metodology

In THE CONTESTED ISLE, four hedge magicians from different traditions are working together in secret to invent a Magic Theory that rivals Bonisagus's. They've not gotten very far. The goal is to bolster the Irish hedge wizards in their political and magical struggle to preserve Connacht against the encroaching Order.

Interesting question- if the order finds hedge wizards working on their own version of the Parma Magica, with no success to date, what should they do?

I'd say nuke 'em from orbit. After all it's the only way to be sure

Well, there's already hedge wizards with Magic Resistance in existence that the Order does nothing about.

(Of course, messing with Divine Realm mystics because they have True Faith and Guardian Angels would be a mark of really stupid magi.)

But yeah, anyone else who appears to be developing a Parma is prime grounds for being forced to Join or Die, or if unGifted, Serve or Die.