Non-Verditius automata

Hi all,
I have HOH: TMC, but I was wondering how a non-verditius would go about crafting an automata. Does anyone have any rough ideas or house rules?


The same way a Vedritius would. Get the virtue, make it. Alas, thanks to the effort of the Traitor, it is a "common" Mystery.

An alternative wpould be to craft a recipient to be powered by a spirit, and then control that spirit. Or not, and then you have a free-thinking golem not subject to your control. Oh the fun.


I believe this is what my Sodale is referring to:

(Emphasis mine)

Traditionally, members of our house wishing to work on Automata spend time crafting, carefully, each component, or paying a forge companion to do so, with lots of fine work and excellent effort put into it.

My reading of this suggests other ... members of the Order may use similar means, even if most do not spend anywhere near as much time and effort making their creations precise and accurate. However, what my sodale may be referring to is that other magi can learn this as a supernatural ability... given that the ability is gained through the mystery hermetic virtue, how does a member of the order who is not a Verditius gain this ability?

Puting this info together with ArM 166 Learning Supernatural Abilitys brings up the question why one ever want to do the Initation for the Virtue when the Ability can be learned direct without penalty!

[strike]Quite simply because learning that way is all but impossible for someone with their Arts opened... There is a significant penalty for Gifted individuals, of at least -15 to SQ, and more than likely much more than that (sum of their Arts scores). A newly gauntleted magus can have scores totaling 60 or more without too much difficulty.[/strike]

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I think you missed BlackLiger's quote above. This penalty (at least from Hermetic Arts) does not apply because the Ability has been fully integrated with Hermetic Magic. As to Adauli's question, this is answered in HoH:MC (same section as the Ability). It's based on social norms following the betrayal.


Yep. All no Verditius need is a book or a teacher, and they're good to go. Verditius who go this route can look forward to a nasty in house reputation and probably several of the ugly grudge duels the House is prone to.

As to Xavi's suggestion, I can't see how different it is from "Awaken Devices" from Ancient Magic, so a lot of work, in my reading.

Doing it the "right" way is probably also a point of pride with Verditus. I imagine books on the ability by Mystery House menbers are kept very secure if they exist at all.

Yeah, my mistake.

I found my answear (beside the Social component) because if someone have i.e Enchanting Music or a other Supernatural Ability already there is still a penalty for the learning as only the Hermetic Arts are no longer the problem.

What I note is that it therefore suggests it's possible to completely integrate to that point a supernatural virtue of some kind. ... a-ars.html - I made this Ex Myscellanea tradition, those origin is Icillius. ... or-ex.html - And this example of character for her.
Search one training or study fount for Craft: Automata can be a good story.

While i can´t read that(at least not without a lot of effort(25 years since i remembered enough Spanish to read it even poorly)), i have a suggestion for you when you write, break the text up!

Like what i just did now, one extra linebreak from the above text, to make it easier to read. So called "walls of text" is a common mistake, but it´s often also easy to do something about so there´s no reason not to do it.

Thanks for the advice.

Not very familiar with awakened devices, but what I suggested was to create a robot-like thing, then summon a spirit you can control and tie it to the item via a ward or something, so that the spirit lives inside the robot-automata and can move it around and activate its (likely mundane) effects. IIRC that is not what awakening devices does.


Well, as I understood "Awakened Devices", the Mystery woke the spirit in the item/device in question, and it's free willed enough that paying attention the the materials used to make it is important. It would seems quite like what you are talking about, unless you are talking about the very calm version we see in the Magic Items examples in the lab section of Covenants. But any sort of Automata would seem to be so much more then that item. I think the kicker is skills. Automata can have skills, and any "item" that has skills should require some sort of Major Mystery. Just my two cents.....

As far as I see it, this would be a project similar to The Hermetic Necromancer (in HP), but with ReTe (and "Passing the Reigns of Terram"). Binding a spirit to an automaton wouldn't be enough, save it it has by itself a power allowing it to animate the construct.