Normandy Tribunal Book

It's official. The next book will be Normandy. ... eprint.php

Très bien !

I am very much looking forward to the magic book and I'm kinda sad not to get it sooner.

On the other hand Normandy is where I've already decided to set my next game (barring a unified voice from a group of players, a dim hope at best). Normandy is to my mind the archetype for mythic europe, the land where Ars fits best.

Of course this also means that we get the Tytalus house book followed by the Tytalus tribunal.

Woo Hoo!!

Yes, and I wonder whether Mark Shirley as author of the Tytalus section and one of the authors of the Rhine Tribunal sourcebook is involved?

I hope so.

Oh Line Editor, hear my call... :stuck_out_tongue:



The authors of the Normandy book are:

Timothy Ferguson, Richard Love, Christian Jensen Romer, Mark Shirley, Andrew Smith, Paul Tevis, Sheila Thomas

You'll have to wait for the preview for any more leaks, though.

Thank you David.



I'm looking forward reading it, living somewhere between the Provencal and the Normandy tribunals. 8)