[November] A Ghost a Day

Hello all!

Queeriously - keep out!

Currently I am hampered by a lack of power in my NJ home, but my intent is to post a Ghost a day. Likely you'll see a large cluster of them arrive at once when my power is back online and I'm not typing at some place like Starbucks with free wifi.

I will be populating first the Colosseum of Rome, where my players currently are. I'll be providing some new spins on Gladiatorial Ghosts and the Shadow Sentate from 3rd Edition. The ghosts I intend on producing will be a mixture of all realms, as the ideas come to me. I'll be making do with kitbashing powers where I'm without any guidelines from books (psychomachia for Infernal ghosts? Who knows...) Many are focused around story seeds, which I will add.

My first planned few are:

  1. Retarius - the net-wielding gladiator
  2. The Gaul - a boss level gladiator
  3. Bestiarius - a ghost who summons the ghostly animals that he fought in the arena
  4. Provocatore - a heavily armored ghost
  5. Infernal Senator - Commander of men, living or dead
  6. A laboratory ghost - a ghost particularly friendly with a magus, with a few small tricks to assist in the laboratory
  7. The Last of His Line, a Zoroastrian Ghost (will likely wait until C&C is out)
  8. Village of the Fallen - insidious ghosts of a village destroyed by the hubris of magi
  9. The Ancient Haunt - an old and powerful ghost, mindless
  10. The Forgotten Cultist - The sort of ghost the Disciples of the Worm hunt down to squeeze for lost secrets of magic.

Fingers crossed my power comes back on tonight!


Welcome aboard and good luck!

Excellent. I'm looking forward to this. Good luck.

Superb! A ghost a day sounds too much like my real life job to be fun for me, lol! However I will really look forward to seeing this project, sounds awesome!

cj x

I just love November!

Finally, power/water/heat restored after 8 days. I can finally get to work on this outside of my notes...